Grey & Grey Construction

Saturday June 23, 2018


From trees to logs to boards to cabinets. Where does it all come from? A variety of different trees can be found in the forests of the pacfic northwest. Some of the most common are: Alder, Big Leaf Mable, Fir, Hemlock and Cedar. Less known woods are wild cherry, yew, spruce, ponderosa pine, cottonwood, Madrone and vine maple.

Trees A load of Logs for the Mill

From our own selectively managed forest land, a load of alder and fir logs is delivered to the sawmill. Here they will be custom sawn to be used for the cabinets or other millworking needs. Some customers even bring their own logs!

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Cutting a Log
Using the Wood-Mizer bandsaw mill to cut a log.

Cabinets and Wood in Shop
Boards and new cabinets in the shop.

Normally the wood is air dried for a minimum of 6 months. For a faster process, a temperature and humidity controlled kiln is employed.